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{ A B O U T - M E }
My name is Ewa, I'm from Poland. I love making icons, reading and watching tv shows. I'm a real maniac. I like hamsters and I don't like tomatoes. I love spending time with my friends and I hate school (not always).
My English is not very well and I'm sorry for that, but I'm trying to perfect (slowly, I guess, but... ;p).

{ F A N - O F }
Kristen Bell; Keira Knightley; Rachel Bilson; Veronica Mars; The O.C; One Tree Hill; H2O; Gilmore girls; Married with children; and much more tvshows; Demi Lovato; movies; any RPG (elite) forum.

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livejournal, forum o Keirze Knightley, Love-Movies, elita Tanfort RPG

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